Facts Are More Real!

If you want to make a technological touch to your organizations and differentiate theparticipants’experiences, you should definitely try the VR Simulation product.


What is the VR Simulation Chair?

VR Simulation is an experience product that aims to make the virtual reality experience more realistic by adding physical effects.

This happens thanks to VR glasses and the simulation chair. By completely detaching you from reality, VR glasses make you feel in three-dimensional virtual environments created by means of computer. The chair and panels also provide the physical effects.


How does it work?

The participant sits in the simulation chair, fastens the seat belt and wears the VR glasses. The simulation chair has motion and vibration features, and the panel with the chair has hot air, cold air and water spraying effects. All movements of the VR videos that were previously integrated into the system have also been identified to the chair and the panel. When the participant starts watching the video, the identified movements are activated when the time comes. This makes the experience more realistic, unique and unforgettable. The participants outside can watch live what is seen with the VR glasses on the screen in front of the panel.

Ready-made videos can be used for experience, as well as VR video productions specific to the project. The VR video production takes 20 days on average.

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