Vr Bicycle

You have never ridden the bicycle like this!

If you want to add movement to your organizations and make technological touch, you should definitely try the VR Bicycle product.


What is the VR Bicycle Experience?

VR Bicycle is an experience product that aims to make the cycling experience in the virtual reality more realistic by adding the real-life cycling to it. This happens thanks to VR glasses and a bicycle.

By completely detaching you from reality, VR glasses make you feel in three-dimensional virtual environments created by means of computer. The bike also provides the physical movements.

VR Bicycle

How does it work?

The participant sits in the bicycle seat wear the VR glasses. The moment he/she starts to ride the bicycle, his/her movements also begin in the virtual reality. He/she starts collecting the objects placed on the cycling track by directing the virtual reality with real movements. The participant, who collects the most objects, wins the game. The track and the objects can be customized according to the event.

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