Experience virtual reality in real time.

If you want to make a technological touch to your organizations, you should definitely try the VR 360 Live product.


What is the VR 360 Live Stream?

VR Conference is an experience product that enables the 360-degree live broadcasts to be watched with VR glasses simultaneously.

VR glasses are those that make you feel in three-dimensional virtual environments created by means of computer by completely detaching you from reality.


How does it work?

The live broadcast starts with the photobooth placed in the field and our 360-degree shooting cameras. The participants wear VR glasses and experience the organization as if they were there by watching the event simultaneously.

The virtual reality experience is taken to another dimension thanks to the 360-live broadcast. With this technology, it is possible to watch a concert as if you were just next to the singer on the stage or to watch a match at home as if you were at the tribune. A special infrastructure planning is done for each project. The broadcast is optimized after the suitable hardware are chosen. The broadcasts can be made from the experience areas, via the application, on the web or on social media.

The preparation time is for 10 days on average.

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