Virtual Photo Booth Hisseli Harikalar

With Online Photo Booth, we brought Photobooths, indispensable for traditional events, to digital.


Compatible with computers, tablets and phones, Online Photo Booth is a digital event product for your digital event attendees from anywhere.


You can use our Online Photo Booth product in digital brand launches, digital promotion organizations, in-house motivational activities.

Virtual Photo Booth

What Is Virtual Photo Booth?

Online Photo Booth is a virtual photo activity product created with backgrounds and frames specially designed for your brand or event.

Virtual Booth

How It Works?

With the background, frame and logos specially prepared for your brand or event, a special photo event is created for your brand in the virtual environment.

Virtual Photo Booth

Photo, Gif and Boomerang

Participants choose which one they want to take photos, boomerangs and gifts when participating in the event. They use their own devices to take the photo, boomerang or gif they want. Participants can customize their shots as they wish. They can add frames, filters, stickers or gradients to their shots, and change their background with moving or still backgrounds. If they want, they can go back to the beginning and continue in different poses. The screen provides a quick and easy experience by guiding the user through the whole process.

Virtual Photo Booth

Customizable Design

Logo, frame and backgrounds specially prepared for your brand or event are automatically applied to the photos. At the same time, the participant is also given the opportunity to customize with filters, stickers or gradients and the ability to change the background.

Virtual Photo Booth

Digital Sharing

The photographs or gifs taken are followed by the directions on the screen and e-mails are sent to the participant by mail. The participant can also download the footage to their device and share them on all social media such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Thus, your event creates interaction on social media.