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We add movement to your event!

The Virtual Fitness is a product that both entertains and sets the participants in motion physically.

You can use our Virtual Fitness product in your brand launces, promotional organizations, intracompany motivational activities, openings, shopping mall events, weddings, birthdays, graduations, and other special days and nights.

Virtual Fitness

What is the Virtual Fitness?

Virtual Fitness is an experience game in which the participants aim to reach the highest score by trying to do what the virtual coach does.


How does it work?

The participants start the game by raising their hands and they try to make the movements of the virtual coach on the screen simultaneously and correctly. The names of the participants, who reach the highest score by making the movements in the most correct way, are written on the scoreboard.


Customized Printing Design

A photo of the participant is taken during the game. The logo and design specially prepared for your brand or event are applied to the photos automatically. It is printed out in 8 seconds.

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