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Three Areas Three Technologies

At the 27th General Assembly Meeting organized by Tisk, we created 3 different areas where meeting attendees can have a great time in breaks of the meeting, both in an artistic and technological way.


Smart Mirror

In our first area, we welcomed the participants with Smart Mirror. Smart Mirror is an interactive product that can act as both a screen and a mirror. They can perceive the gestures of the participants and react accordingly, imitate them or understand their modes and make suggestions. In short, we created a mirror that can understand and communicate with people.


Interactive Robot Hand

In the other area, we encounter the Interactive Robot Hand. The Robot Hand game detects the hand movements of the participants and ensures that they find their response in the game. In this way, the participants have the chance to play with the freedom they want without touching or pressing anywhere. Both one-handed and two-handed games can be used in these games.


Tilt Brush

The 3rd area is the Tilt Brush area. Tilt Brush is an experience product that allows you to paint, graffiti or design in three dimensions. This process happens thanks to VR glasses and VR hand controllers.