Step On Shower

We are coming to cool the summer days! You will have fun while cooling off with Step On Shower, the favorite of summer events. You can use this product in any field you want.


What is the Step On Shower?

Step On Shower is a product that cools the participants with its water mechanism inside and takes photos or videos in the meantime.

Step On Shower

How does it work?

The moment the participant ascends the stair, the sensor detects the person and the system is activated. The participants are cooled off with the water rising to 1.5 meters above the ground. The flow time of the water can be adjusted according to preference. While the participants are enjoyingthe water, the participants’ photos or videos are taken with a camera fixed to the ceiling.

Step On Shower

Customizable Print Design

The logo and design specially prepared for your brand or event are applied to the photos and videos automatically.Eight seconds after pressing the ‘’Print’’ button, you can print out.

Step On Shower

Digital Sharing

The taken photos and videos are sent via the touch screen. You can download the photos to your phone or computer, and you can share them on social media.

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