Smart Store After Pandemic

How will we do this?

It will be much easier to control your store with the system, our newly-released software.

Smart Customer Counter

Determining the Number of Customers in the Store

It counts instantaneously the number of customers entering and leaving the store.

Smart Store in Social Distance

The Control of Maximum Number of Customers and Real-Time Notification System

When the number of customers in store rises to maximum (circular example: 10 people/100 square meters), the store official is instantly notified and the control is gained.

Instant Control of Store Entry and Checkout Line

Instant Control of Store Entry and Checkout Line

It measures the social distance between the customers (circular example: at least 1 meter between the customers) and notifies the store official instantly.

Store Efficiency Analysis

Store Efficiency Analysis

It determines the conversion rate of customers on the basis of a section. It helps the inventory optimization. It contributes to determining the optimum number of staff. It increases the store productivity by offering artificial intelligence-based suggestions.