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Art, Technology and Movement for Children

We produced 2 special products for children on the National Day of Qatar. We wanted the children to meet technology in the most creative and active way.

Doodle Wall

In our Doodle Wall product, we triggered their creativity and we wanted them to be an active part of a project. We gave them football characters to paint. Then, we put these characters into the football field in the digital media and enabled them to move. The names of the children were also added next to the characters. Thus, the children had fun by following the actualized form of the characters they painted and they witnessed the combination of art and technology closely.

Reflex Wall

In our other product, we wanted to improve the reflexes of the children and make them move. Therefore, we customized our Reflex Wall product for children to play with. There were sensor-fitted lamps and the children tried to turn off the lamp whose light was on with their hands as quickly as possible. Whoever turned off the most light in the same amount of time became the winner of the game.

In summary, the children took the opportunity to discover themselves in several fields such as art, technology and sports; and they had an unforgettable, fun and quality time within this period.

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