Technology partner with P&G Summer Games

We became a technology partner with P&G Summer Games in the 2016 summer season. We made experiental spaces for P&G brands.


Within the scope of the roadshow including 9 cities, we created interactive activation areas for P&G products, and we undertook the technical equipment, software needs, and all technical operations during the process.


In the social media-related activation areas, we provided the participants with fun experiences while sharing their experiences on social media.


Ariel Digital Blemish Cleaning

The participants cleaned our stained big t-shirt with the digital Ariel boxes that we specially produced.At the end of this digital Ariel experience we had, there were different gifts under each stain and these gifts were presented to the participants.


Prima Interactive Parkour

The children walking on the Olympic-based interactive floor that we designed for the 2-5 age group ran to the sports branches whose lights were on. They turned off all the lights and won representative Olympic medals.


Gillette Oculus Football

With the Oculus Football Game we prepared, the participants retrieved the balls with head movements, and they scored goals by hitting the Gillette targets around the goal post.


Gillette Venus Trambo GIF

While the participants were jumping and having fun on the trampoline at the Gillette Venus stand, we took their photos when in the air. We shared the GIFS (prepared with the photos of each participant) on social media, printed them instantly and gave them as a gift.

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