Neuro Selector

We are reading your mind!

We are with you with a product that can measure your reactions.

You can use our Neuro Selector game in your brand launces, promotional organizations, intracompany motivational activities, openings, shopping mall events, weddings, birthdays, graduations, and other special days and nights.

Neuro Selector

What is the Neuro Selector?

Neuro Selector is an experience game that can measure the participant’s reactions to the smell,sound or image, and turn them into the visual data. The measurement is made with the EEG devices connected to the head.

Neuro Selector

How does it work?

The participant puts the EEG device on his/her head and looks at the images shown, smells the scents, or listens to the sounds. His/her reactions to all these data are collected instantly thanks to the EEG devices. At the end of the experience, all these data are visualized. Thus, it can be found to which he/she has overreacted.

Different scenarios and fictions can be applied according to the brand demands, and brand wrappings can be made.