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You will find yourself in the details of our Mosaic Wall product, which is a new puzzle shape.

Mosaic Wall

What is Mosaic Walll?

Mosaic Wall is a product in which all photos generally look like a single large photo by pasting the printed photos in the right places.

Mosaic Wall

How does it work?

The participant, whose information is received, is photographed. After a short processing time, the photograph is printed and the column-row number is written. The participant pastes this printout on the correct column and row. All the incoming participants repeat the same process. When all the spaces on the wall arefilled, all small photos generally make up one large photo.

Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration

The photos can be taken from social networks such as instagram and twitter, and they can be printed out when they are shared with a certain hashtag. Thus, the visibility of your event on social media will increase.

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