Show your creativity!

With our Live Painter product, it’s in your hands to customize wherever you want.


What is the Live Painter?

The Live Painter is an interactive experience product that transfers the images drawn in digital environment onto an object (e.g.: a bus, a wall, a building, etc.) and offers a live mapping show by customizing it.


How does it work?

The participant draws an image he/she wants on the screen in the kiosk. This image is projected onto a pre-set object. The participant’s drawings appear live on the object. Thus, the buses, cars, or tall buildings turn into big canvases with the Live Painter by which you can show all your visual abilities to the participants. With its large-scale physical visuality, it enables you to reach not only your participants, but also the wide audience.


Customized Printing Design

The drawings made with Live Painter can be printed out instantly and presented to the participants. The logo and design specially prepared for your brand or event are applied to the photos automatically.


Digital Sharing

The taken photos are sent via the touch screen. You can download the photos to your phone or computer, and you can share them on social media.

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