Put an end to the touchscreen!

With our Robot Hand product, you can make the movement you want without any contact and touch.


What is the Interactive Robot Hand?

The Robot Hand is an interactive product that perceives hand and finger movements without the need for contact or touch by using leap motion and enables them to make the same movements by sending the perceived movements to the robot hand and the digital hand, thus producing many fictions.


How does it work?

The participant moves his/her hand and fingers by holding his/her hand on the leap motion without touching it. The leap motion detects these movements and transmits them to the robot hand and the hand in the digital environment. The robot hand imitates the same movements transmitted thanks to the servo motors. Also, the same movement is seen in the hand on the digital screen. The leap motion can detect single or double hands.


Customizable Fiction Design

Thanks to this system, different game fictions, which are based on the hand gestures such as holding, releasing, throwing and hitting, can be created. These fictions can be customized with the visuals specific to your brand or event.

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