A quite different musical experience!

If you get tired of the classical DJs, we offer you a quite different experience. You will be able to make music by touching the fruit, flower, or water.

Interactive Music Station

What is the Interactive Music Station?

Interactive Music Station is a music area that you can create different music by touching the semiconductor materials on which samples have been designated before.

Interactive Music Station

How does it work?

Semiconductor objects such as fruit, vegetables, flowers, water etc. are put in the music booth. A different sample is designated to each object. Whichever object the participant touches, its sample becomes active. The music plays in the 4/8 rhythm. The participant makes his/her own music by touching the different objects. Different and fun experiences can be gained with more than one user at the same time.

The booth can be designed according to the brand demand. The wrappings can be made according to the brand or event.

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