Run whenever and wherever you want.

Virtual Running Booth, which is a brand-new product that you can shape your running environment according to your mood, will add movement to your event.

Immersive Run

What is the Immersive Run?

Immersive Runis a product that has a treadmill inside and that provides the experience of running in a room in which all images on all walls can be changed according to the participant’s preference.

Immersive Run

How does it work?

The participant chooses the environment (forest, mountain, beach etc.), in which he/she wants to run, from the touchscreen kiosk in front of the room. When the participant starts to run on the treadmill integrated into the room, the image starts to stream. In this way, the participants have a unique running experience.

The fiction can be gamified in different ways specific to the event. When the run is over, the user can see how much energy he/she consumes, how much distance he/she covers, and how many calories he/she burned off.

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