A New Dimension in Selfie

Firstly, we shot a special greenbox for the project with Sarp Apak and Büşra Pekin. We added Garanti’s animation characters to the video by using special effects. These characters have been specially designed for the videos shot. We integrated this video into our Augmented Selfie product.


When the participants came to the area, they wore Garanti Bonus wigs and they took their places in the photography area. The video we had prepared beforehand became active when the official started photoshooting. Büşra, Sarp and the animation characters came to the participant on the screen and they posed. This frame was photographed automatically and shared with the participants by e-mail.

Garanti Bonus Augmented Selfie-01-01

The result was perfect. The participants both had fun, and shared their photos on social media, and also they had an unforgettable photo-taking experience. The bond between the brand and its users has become stronger.

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