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The First Music Box to Wash the Dishes in the World

In order to provide an amazing experience to the participants in Brandweek 2015 for Fairy, we included the whole of our team and produced the world’s first Twitter integrated, dishwashing music box at the end of a 1-week production process.


With our Twitter Robot product, we set our dishwasher (that we integrated into Twitter API) to be triggered with the hashtag #FairyİmkansızınPeşinde


When the chosen song and the determined hashtag were tweeted together, we enabled the dishwasher to perform the washing function with light and sound effects according to the music rhythm.


We displayed the chosen song and the username of the person who chose it on the screen integrated into the dishwasher.


With the area we designed, the Fairy stand became Brandweek’s most remarkable stand. During the event for 4 days, 670 participants tweeted the hashtag #FairyİmkansızınPeşinde

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