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May the Power Be With You!

We carried out a Star Wars-themed project for the Coca Cola brand. After a great project process, we developed 2 products which are full of technology and suitable for the theme.

In the Coca Cola-adapted form of our Game of Brain game, we wanted the participants to win the game by using their brain power to pull a bottle of coke in the air. In order to measure the brain power, we used special EEG devices and we collected the data with artificial intelligence. We made the coke bottle move towards whichever of the two opponents has a higher signal. We divided the game and the interface into two: the good side and the bad side. To support the winner, we used the good-bad side music in the movie. In this way, we created a small Star Wars simulation for the participants.

With the Light Painting Booth, we achieved an experience that is as good as the lightsabers. The participants entered the dark room and drew a shape they wanted by using the lights in their hands. We gave them the shapes they drew and a photo of themselves as a gift.

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