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Do you believe in the power of mind?

The real-time brain wave data visualization, which has been made for the first time in Turkey, offers both an amazing experience and a visual feast.

Brain Data Visualization

What is the Brain Data Visualization?

Brain Data Visualization is an artificial intelligence processor that transforms the brain waves data, which were measured while the participant was focused, into graphic shows. In this process, EEG devices are connected to the participants.These devices are placed in the participants’ head andthey measure their concentration levels electrically.


How does it work?

The participant puts the EEG device on his/her head and begins to focus on. During the focusing, different fictions can be created, which have contents such as music, food, sound, smell. During theparticipant’s focusing, the data of electrical signals in the frontal lobe of the brain are received. These data are transformed into graphical images with artificial intelligence and reflected on the screen. Thus, an excellent visual presentation is made.

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