The digital world’s basketball player

If you want to make a sportive and a technological touch to your organizations and differentiate theparticipants’experiences, you should definitely try the Basketball Simulation product.

You can use our Basketball Simulation product in your brand launces, promotional organizations, intracompany motivational activities, openings, shopping mall events, weddings, birthdays, graduations, and other special days and nights.

Basketball Simulation

What is the Basketball Simulation?

The Basketball Simulation is an augmented reality experience product that aims to shoot a basket with a real basketball towards the hoop on the digital screen.

Basketball Simulation

How does it work?

The registered participants throw the real basketball towards the digital basketball hoop on the screen. These thrown balls have a correspondence on the digital screen at the same time. If the ball is thrown correctly, it will be in the hoop on the screen and score. The field view can be customized according to the brand. Different gift fictions can be created based on the results.

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