Augmented Game

We brought fun and technology together!

Push the limits of fun with our Augmented Reality Game product.

You can use our Augmented Reality Game product in your brand launces, promotional organizations, intracompany motivational activities, openings, shopping mall events, weddings, birthdays, graduations, and other special days and nights.

Augmented Game

What is the Augmented Reality Game?

Augmented Reality Game is a kind of game which is based on finding the hidden objects in the field by using the augmented reality technology.

Augmented Game

How does it work?

The players, who scan the QR code defined for the game with their phones, start the game. The participants, who scan the environment on the phone screen, try to find the hidden objects. The hidden objects are the virtual data seen only on the phone screen.The participants who find the objects gain points by taking their photos. The game can be changed by creating gift fictions optionally.

The software is worked on specially for each project. The pre-production duration is for 5 days.

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