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Are you ready to experience an amazing augmented reality? Begin a journey into the interesting world of technology with the Augmented Reality Display.

You can use this product in your brand launces, promotional organizations, intracompany motivational activities, openings, shopping mall events, weddings, birthdays, graduations, and other special days and nights.


What is the Augmented Reality Display?

Augmented Reality Display is an experience and interaction product that makes you experience theaugmented reality by adding virtual data on the realities that you see on the giant screen.

Augmented Reality Display

How does it work?

The system is adjusted to work in a certain field. When the participant enters the frame, he/she starts seeing himself/herself on the screen in the real world. The system detecting the participant shows the pre-prepared virtual data on the screen. The real world and the virtual world appear together and the participant experiences as if he/she were in a different place thanks to the augmented reality technology. This experience can be changed as a video or a photo according to theparticipants’ demands.

The animations are specially produced. The pre-production duration is for 10 days.

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