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The World’s First Underwater Photo Booth

The idea of Aqua Booth came up on a summer day when we asked some questions such as ‘’Where do people spend the most time on holiday?’’, ‘’Why are the holiday photos always the same?’’, ‘’Why not an engagement area in the sea?’’. After a long R & D process, AquaBooth, which made its first trials at Çeşme Flyinn Beach in the 2015 summer season, not only became the first patented product of our company but also assumed the title of ‘’The World’s First Underwater Photo Booth’’.


Technical Features

AquaBooth is a product designed to use underwater at a depth of 140/160 cm (in the sea or pool). The water module is fully charged in 8 hours and it has 20 hours of charging life.

The waterproof cabin made of a boat fiber has been designed stabilize itself against the waves. It is safe and harmless for the users because of its curved lines.

The internal 7-inch IPS screen on the water offers a comfortable reading experience even in a sunny sea environment.

The internal camera system, which has a wide field of view of 155-degree with its low-light sensitivity lens, can take 12- megapixel-photos.


How does it work?

The participant who comes next to Aqua Booth presses the touch button and starts the photo shooting process. The screen directs the participant to dive into the water. When the participant dives into the water, the photo is taken. The photo is displayed on the screen for 5 seconds after the shooting. By the way, the photo is uploaded to the cloud-based storage space. When the time is up, it is ready for a new photo shooting.


Customizable Print Design

The logo and design specially prepared for your brand or event are applied to the photos automatically. The print-outs of the photos can be taken from the kiosk at the brand booth located on the beach or they can be taken by the tablets carried by the travelling hostesses.


Digital Sharing

The taken photos and videos are sent via the touch screen. You can download the photos to your phone or computer, and you can share them on social media.


Design, Copyright and Registration Warning

The Aqua Booth product’s all design, utility model and patent rights of the Event Pro Photo product have been registered by ‘’The Joint Venture Company of Wonders Ad.Org.Trade.Co.Ltd.’’

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