An experience full of mystery, design, art and production

Discover the most creative and fun way to distribute the presents at the Adidas Nite Jogger promotion.


Firstly, we prepared some special cards for Adidas and turned them into an amazing experience. The participants, who were trying to solve the mystery of the cards, found the hidden numbers when they flashed the cards. They received gifts that matched with the numbers they found.


We transformed each participant into an artist with Sneaks Up Graffiti Wall. We created a digital screen by which you can choose the new and stylish Adidas models and you can draw the desired designs on the models. Participants had the opportunity to design their dream shoes on this screen. Moreover, we integrated the system, by which you can print these designs, into the product. In this way, the participants could take their designs with them.


We developed a system with which the participants can print shoe accessories in 3D for themselves.We made the participants’ dreams come true.