The first 360 live stream banner in the world!

When Adidas Original decided to open its first store in Turkey, we wanted to start with a different and great idea to perform a grand opening. We wanted to share the joy and excitement of the opening with everyone. However, as we couldn’t invite hundreds of people to the opening, we decided to take the opening to them with a 360-degree live broadcast product.

Adidas 360 Canlı Yayın-01
Adidas 360 Canlı Yayın-02
Adidas 360 Canlı Yayın-03

Firstly, we created a big data for this idea. We had to reach our target audience, which we knew to be mostly mobile users, when they were on the move. We placed some digital icons in our stores one week before the opening and we collected data while our potential customers were passing by.


We started to share our 360 degree livestream notifications with the target audience that we chose from the collected data. This was the first time in world history that people witnessed the store opening with 360 degrees livestream.


As a result, we reached 1.281.000 online users and 275.000 people who attended the Adidas Original store opening livestream. Our grand opening was a huge one thanks to our participants.


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